B-FY successfully secures VIP area at Jack’s Racing Day 2022

As proud sponsors of Klaas Zwart’s Racing team, B-FY took advantage of an opportunity to pilot our no-passwords access system with a group of over 100 volunteers at TT Circuit Assen. It is the first time ever that a car racing event has used such innovative access technology.

On Saturday 6th August, B-FY had an area at the entrance of the VIP zone, inviting volunteers to download the mobile application that would allow them to use the secure B-FY technology to enter and enjoy the VIP zone. In exchange for taking part in the test, volunteers were rewarded with access to the private team box on Sunday, for a meet & greet with the team. The volunteers had a great user experience, as well as a fantastic opportunity to come as close to a car racing team a person can ever get.

All volunteers downloaded the event app on their mobile phones and followed the indications given by the B-FY team. Volunteers could witness how easy, fast and precise the VIP access can get, wishing for wider roll-out of the technology in this kinds of events. The test was extremely successful.

Jack's Racing Day 2022
Zona VIP Volunteers could witness how easy, fast and precise the VIP access can get, wishing for a wider roll-out of the technology in this kind of events.

Thanks so much to the team of Lee van Dam Productions for allowing us to do this, helping us in the logistics and for their enthusiasm. Thanks so much to Klaas Zwart and his team for hosting the visitors, answering all their questions so patiently and for supporting the team un winning both the races on Saturday and Sunday. Finally, thanks to our volunteers who took the time to participate, we hope you had a great experience with us!

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