B-FY and Serban Group join forces to drive biometric identification

Serban Group, with two decades of experience in IT architecture, biometrics, and digital identity, will implement B-FY's biometric identification solutions through a recently signed agreement between both companies.

Serban Group, a company with twenty years of experience in biometrics and digital identity projects, and B-FY, a pioneering Spanish company in secure biometric identification, have entered into an agreement to drive the implementation of B-FY's identification solutions as a service.

For B-FY, this alliance represents recognition from an established company in developing comprehensive architectural models that combine disruptive and traditional technologies, while Serban Group expands its portfolio with secure and highly demanded solutions.

B-FY's solutions enable universal customer identification without the need for passwords or external biometric readers, addressing two of the major security concerns shared by companies. According to both companies, this agreement responds to the "urgent" need for businesses to combat fraud and cybercrime with innovative and secure authentication solutions.

B-FY's solutions can be integrated into any technological architecture developed by Serban Group, whether in traditional, hybrid, or virtual environments, and for any digital workspace. Installation is quick and easy, as they only need to be incorporated into mobile applications, allowing employees to access a wide range of facilities and services without the need to remember or accumulate passwords, cards, or other access mechanisms.

Until now, most services required users to have a username and password, which were then associated with a biometric pattern, and an SMS was sent to complete the two-factor authentication. In contrast, B-FY's solution, which uses biometric identification as the first line of defense against potential attacks, is innovative and unique in the market. Serban Group's experience and knowledge will facilitate the rapid and straightforward implementation of this service.

With this technology, users can use the biometric identification on their mobile phones (fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scanning) to access in-person and online services without the need for passwords or exposing their biometric data to potential theft or hacking.

"Serban Group is a company with a solid track record in biometric projects, which generates great confidence among our clients. This alliance allows us to offer a fast and reliable turnkey solution to thousands of companies and users who have been seeking more security and privacy in their data, moving away from traditional double authentication systems that have not been secure enough," says Miguel Abreu, CEO of B-FY.

Juan Pablo Yagüe, Global Head of Strategic Alliances at Serban Group, states, "B-FY is an innovative and easy-to-implement solution to solve common identification problems in companies. As soon as we learned about B-FY's identification-as-a-service solution, we realized its great potential and the synergies we could create through an alliance. We are confident that this collaboration will be beneficial for both companies and, above all, for our clients."

Both companies are firmly committed to international expansion, particularly in Latin America, where they already have offices and active clients. This future growth factor has also been a significant aspect of the agreement.